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Greenfinger tells you exactly when your plants need watering. Houseplants usually die for one of two reasons: improper watering or improper exposure to sun. Greenfinger helps you keep them alive.

Comfort Pilot

Comfort Pilot is an innovative and revolutionary product for travelers being forced to sleep in an upright sitting position. Comfort Pilot gives a deep sleep while seated.

Industrial Equipment Covers

Industrial Equipment Covers are made to fit, are easy to clean and keep the equipment in good condition.

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Bamboo products

Our tooth picks, chopsticks and BBQ sticks are all made of bamboo, which is the fastest growing plant on the planet. Our bamboo products are environmentally friendly and high quality and bamboo is better than other wooden materials that have been used traditionally for these type of products.

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Boat canopy – Pillows – Upholstery

Brandparks sewing production, Nor Productions, does product such as boat cover, boat canopy, upholstery and all kind of cover protections. Take a look at our webpage

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Protective covers for outdoor furniture

Customized covers for parasols, pillows, outdoor furniture, wind walls, sunbeds, roofs pavilions, Jacuzzi, pillow bags, etc. Comes with ratchet straps for quick operation and secure fastening.

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Pipe fittings for hazardous environment

Pipe fittings lined with SiC, no 3 of the hardest material in the world.

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